Skills Development & Experience-Building Program

This program involves our program participants in real-world projects to create valuable industry connections between them and companies. Participants have the opportunity to apply their skills to actual business situations, gain work experience, enrich their resumes, and receive letters of reference. They gain an inside view of how companies operate, see the differences between theory and practice and identify areas for skills improvement. The companies obtain fresh perspectives and new ideas from the most recent graduates in a fast-changing field. This program creates a win-win situation for both participants and companies.
How it works
  • Companies supply real-world tasks for participants to work on.
  • We match the industry and task with suitable participants.
  • The participants are mentored through the tasks to completion.
  • Participants receive experience, feedback, connections and resume references.
  • A number of participants may receive job offers based on performance.
Why choose our program?
Many new graduates find it difficult to secure employment without work experience related to their skills and interests. But how can they get that experience when they can’t get hired? That’s a real conundrum!
Here’s how we get them on track to real-world job positions and give them hands-on industry experience. This program provides career pathways to participants and transforms their careers and lives.
Practical Placements & Training Sections
We provide training sections to enhance participants practical skills